Tidewave is a Nommie. He appears in Cut the Rope 2 in the new location that the game added - The Beach. He seemed to like the spiders yet when he realized the spiders were stealing candy, he decided to fight back with Om Nom. Tidewave prefers fruits than candy but eats it as a treat. So far, Tidewave as shown in the episode, has seen Om Nom, Toss and Blues.


Tidewave is a flame like nommie that is deep blue. He meets Om Nom in a different way than the other Nommies. He seems to be shy at first but when he heard that the spides were stealing cnady, he became aggresive. His length differs as seen in the episode where his face is at the sand side of the water and his body in the middle far away.


Tidewave will basically teleport Om Nom down and up and giving him a little push forwards. As seen in the episode, he teleports an inch far away so he pushes up boosting Om Nom forward.