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Refrigerator Box is a fanon episode set in the original Cut the Rope game and is the second box in Season 4. It features a new gameplay element, the thermostat. To change temperature, simply swipe between hot and cold. Beware that with every swipe, the level will change.

Notable levelsEdit

Level 19-1 introduces the thermostat, and explains basic level mechanics.

Level 19-3 introduces a special thermostat that will change temperature when it makes contact with the candy.

There are seven rather hard levels, five hard levels, two very hard levels and one insanely hard level. Level 19-25 used to be the most troublesome level in the entire game, but it got badly nerfed. There are a number of easy levels in this box. As a result this box is an insanely hard box, but is slightly easier than the previous box, Chef Box.


The box is red and resembles a refrigerator door overall, except for the hole Om Nom is peeking out of.


The player will unlock the Refrigerator Box Completed achievement if they complete the box and Refrigerator Box Perfect when they get three-stars on all levels in the box.