Feast Of Freeze



Release Date

August 24, 2013





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Candy Bang

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For Mirror Land levels, see Feast Of Freeze/Mirror Land.

Feast Of Freeze is the second episode of Cut the Rope Space and the second episode of Zone 1. This episode was released on August 24, 2013.

New features Edit

  • Rockets in Level 41.
  • Bombs in Level 46.
  • Ice in Level 51. Ice can only be broken with rockets or bombs. The following elements in ice are also introduced:
    • Candy in Level 51.
    • Trampolines in Level 52.
    • Spikes in Level 56.
    • Rockets in Level 78.

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 41-80.

Feast Of Freeze is an easy episode, although it contains three hard levels: 56, 57 and 67. This episode contains a lot of rather easy and medium levels. Level 79 used to be the hardest level in the entire game due to a glitch with rockets in ice. The glitch was fixed and so the level was nerfed. This episode is slightly harder than the previous episode Candy Bang.