Cut The Rope: Explorers is a fictional game.


Things have gone unexpectedly wrong for Om Nom... Again. This time, he's landed on a remote island with piles of candy. It sounds like a dream vacation for Om Nom, right? It would be if the candy didn't run out so fast. Come and join Om Nom as he travels around the world in search for the thing he wants most: Candy.


1. Airport

2. Nom Island

3. Escape from Nom Island

4. Veggie Jungle

5. The Eight Wonder of The World

6. Icy Ice Cream


Evan's family is at the airport packing their things in the baggage area. Om Nom peeks out from Evan's shoulder, and spots a candy the conveyer belt, and gets excited. He climbs on the conveyer belt only to find the spiders beat him to it. Angered, Om Nom chases the spiders through a plethora of conveyer belts going in all directions. At last, he sees the candy up ahead, but close to the edge of the conveyer belt. He races to it, and just in time, he grabs the candy. Om Nom is loaded onto the plane. Om Nom eats the candy and falls asleep. Later, he wakes up and finds himself falling from the plane. He looks above, and sees the spiders waving to him with a candy. Seconds later, Om Nom lands on a huge pile of candy on a remote island.